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Editor's Corner

On November 17th, the sub-committee appointed to determine the appropriate school department asset to name in honor of Army SGT Joseph A. Seaman, voted to name the new baseball diamond at AHS in his honor. The school committee will vote on the issue at their December meeting. SGT Seaman’s story was originally printed in the May Memorial Day edition of your Ashland Town News.

Latest Articles

Linehan: A Positive Force On All Athletic Fronts

Steve Linehan’s athletic philosophy has made him a valuable asset, both in Ashland and Bellingham. The 47-year-old Linehan, who’s lived in Bellingham for the last 15 years, has labored relentlessly in the town’s youth leagues where he’s coached and served on boards in softball, basketball and lacrosse. At Ashland, he worked a year as a volunteer coach in boys’ basketball before taking the reins of the high school’s junior varsity team three years ago.

Fundraising for Student Musicians

Ashland Music Association

The Ashland Music Association was founded about seven years ago to augment the financial resources of the town in support of music education and related activities. It is analogous to the Clocker Club in the world of athletics. For the past two years, Mr. Bill Carson has been its President, and he recently spoke of the need for the town to support this very worthy effort. The costs associated with musical instruments alone is startling to the uninitiated. AHS music teacher Darren Maule spoke of the cost of a tuba as about $8,000!