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Editor's Corner

We are very pleased that the Ashland School Committee voted in January to name the new baseball field behind Ashland High in honor of SGT Joseph A. Seaman, a graduate in the class of 1965 who made the ultimate sacrifice for his Nation in Viet Nam in July 1970. Members of the community, some of whom were classmates, are planning to support the dedication ceremony over the Memorial Day weekend. Funds are being collected in order to possibly place a monument at the site, as well as a kiosk containing information about SGT Seaman.

Latest Articles

Ashland Girls’ Basketball

Leone Sees Bright Future

Samantha Leone can identify with older Red Sox fans and their lament of “wait ’til next year’’ — a phrase that referred to the team’s futility in winning the American League pennant.
Ashland High’s versatile 5-foot-9 point guard, who just wrapped up her junior year of basketball averaging 15 points and five assists, won’t be involved in tournament play. The last time she competed in the playoffs was as a freshman, both in basketball and field hockey, and the Clockers came very close to winning the Division 3 South Sectional in both sports.

The Snow is the Story

As with most stories, there are two sides. Some would see the new snowfall as (cold) beauty, while others see a nuisance to be endured. School children see a unique opportunity for play, or a day off from school. The pragmatist sees the cycle of water that includes evaporation in one season, and condensation in another. At some point, many people understand it as a fact of life, sometimes mild, at other times dangerous.