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Marathon Park Prep Race

Under sunny skies, but with a 21-degree wind chill, several hundred runners took part in the first Ashland Marathon Park Prep on the morning of March 14th. Master of Ceremonies Bernie Corbett asked the gathered crowd at the starting line for a moment of silence to remember the victims of the terrorist attack at last year’s Boston Marathon, for which the race in Ashland is a key warm-up test. Ashland picked up the sponsorship for the half-marathon trek when Quincy, Mass decided to reduce the number of road races in that city.

The Intersections of Ashland

The vast majority of us go about our business each day, often driving back and forth, doing errands and favors for business and pleasure. Driving around town, we invariably, and perhaps even, take for granted the places where we cross each other’s paths. The roadway intersections are sometimes the places where we ‘meet’ one another, rather than pass without notice. There are hundreds of such places within Ashland, and many are not configured with the simplicity of two streets meeting at right angles.

Ashland Neighbor Brigade Is Here to Help

Stepping out of a normal routine to volunteer and help a neighbor can seem near impossible at times—many hopeful volunteers have a busy schedule and no time for new commitments. But the Ashland chapter of the Neighbor Brigade, a group in town that assists neighbors in sudden crisis situations, offers a flexible solution to residents with a jam-packed calendar, and a desire to give back.