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Tri Valley League Celebrates Its 50th Birthday

Happy birthday to the Tri Valley League (TVL) as it celebrates turning 50.
The league, which was formalized in 1966, underwent some changes in its infancy but has evolved into one of the most respected conferences in Massachusetts. Its history and the way all the pieces of the puzzle meshed is a tribute to the high school principals who decided to form the league and the man who served as its commissioner for 23 years—Alfred “Hap’’ Mazukina.

Changing the World One Child at a Time

There’s a tangible feeling of people relating to people when you walk through the classrooms at Dream Station, the early childhood learning center located on Pleasant Street near the Ashland train station.
“It’s a family atmosphere,” Michelle McGrath, center director, stated. “It’s important to us to focus on relationships. We like having a connection with our families, and we invest in our teachers, personally and professionally. Everybody matters.”

Deep Bonds of Friendship Span Pan-Mass Challenge & Team Elka STRONG

Among those training for this year’s Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) on August 6 and 7 are five individuals riding as “Team Elka STRONG” in a show of friendship and support in honor of Ashland resident Elka Stokar Troutman. Their goal is to raise $25,000 to help eradicate cancer.
Last year’s PMC drew 6,000 cyclists from 41 states and eight countries and raised a record $45 million in support of life-saving cancer research and treatment through the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Beautifying Downtown with a Living Garden Wall

Ashland has held two Downtown Summit meetings over the past several months with an eye toward beautifying its downtown district and attracting more business to the area. One of the short-term projects to come out of the meetings is a living garden wall, also known as a vertical garden.
The wall will go along the chain-link fence behind the Ashland Farmers Market area and display native plants, flowering vines, deciduous shrubbery and some evergreens.

Selectmen Approve Override for Ballot; Some Residents Disagree

Ashland’s Board of Selectmen (BOS) at their Feb. 3 meeting voted, 5-0, on the final format and wording for Prop 2 ½ override ballot questions. The questions, which have been approved by the state Department of Revenue, will be presented to residents at the May 4 town meeting and the May 17 town election. The questions are:
Shall the Town of Ashland be allowed to assess an additional $1,943,400 in real estate and personal property taxes for the purposes of funding the school and general government operating budgets for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016? 

Gearing Up at Town Hall

Since his official appointment as town manager on Jan. 20, Michael Herbert has focused his attention in three areas: building a strong team, monitoring the impact of a possible operational override and overseeing budget preparations for FY17, in anticipation of the town meeting on May 4.