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Circle of Love Final Installation at the Corner Spot

Beginning in May the 01721 Circle of Love art initiative invited residents of all ages to design an 8-inch diameter circle for an art installation. The project originated to help the community while it was experiencing isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal of the project was to bring the community together and envelop the town with love.

The Circle of Love team collected nearly one hundred circles between May and October. Individuals including a 4-year-old artist, Annemarie’s Dance Center students, artistic adults, and seniors at Ashland Community Center submitted their circles. 

Each circle, which used paints, stickers, crayons, markers, pencils, was featured on the 01721 Circle of Love Facebook page, for each artist to proudly see their work shared with the community before the final installations. Artists Visi Tilak and Raji Iyer also included their circles during the Culture Fest at Home Edition artist spotlight this past July.

The Circle of Love Team installed the first round of circles on the first floor of Town Hall in September. Additionally, three feet diameter circles representing the Corner Spot and Town Hall are also displayed at their respective locations. 

Residents are encouraged to visit the final 01721 Circle of Love illuminated public art display at the Corner Spot until Jan. 1.