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Five Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

By John Szolomayer, RE/MAX Executive Realty
Warmer weather is coming, meaning it is time for you to get your house ready for springtime! Climb out of hibernation and get ready for sunshine after a cold and hard winter. Here are five ways to get your home ready for spring.
No. 1: Switch to Lighter Sheets and Comforter Spring brings warmer weather, meaning you will not need to bundle up in heavy bedding. Put away your thick duvet and wool blankets and switch to breezier cotton sheets and bedding. Keep a light throw blanket in case the nights get a little chilly. This is a great opportunity to get your bedroom ready for spring while also implementing a new look. You can even switch out throw pillows and change up the color of your bedding. Having different colored bedding for fall/winter and spring/summer will keep your bedroom fresh all year round.
No. 2: Plant Flowers One of the best parts of getting your home ready for spring is planting amazing foliage and flowers. Plant a few seeds or potted blooms in your flowerbeds and keep a few indoors to bring your home out of the dull winter and into a bright spring. If you are veggie and fruit lover, you can even sow some in planter boxes in your garden. By the end of summer you could be eating homegrown salads!
No. 3: De-clutter and Organize The best way to kick off the new season is to clear clutter and get organized. Go through each room in your home and get rid of things you do not use or need anymore. Make sure to donate anything that is still in good condition and throw out items that have not been used in a while. Once you have cleared out all of the excess items in your home, organize the remaining things. Store things in boxes for later use or arrange things that allow for easy access.
No. 4: Clean Out Your Gutters If you have trees surrounding your home, or even if you do not, your gutters will more than likely be full of leaves and other debris by winter's end. Spring brings plenty of rain showers, so clean out your gutters to make sure that your gutters do not overflow. You can either hire a professional or pull your ladder out and clean them out yourself!
No. 5: Clean Off Patio Furniture. Patio furniture often takes a beating during harsh winter months. To prepare for use during the warm spring months, power wash your patio furniture or wipe it down with outdoor furniture cleaner. Once you have your patio furniture nice and clean, you will be able to enjoy plenty of spring days outside in the sunshine.
Information provided by John Szolomayer from RE/MAX Executive Realty. Each office is independently owned and operated. John can be reached for more information at 508.259.4788 or