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Ashland Girls Soccer Anxious To get Back onto The Field

Captains (left to right): Chloe Roberts, Sarh DaSillva, Emily Flynn and Patrice Musoke

By Christopher Tremblay, Staff Sports Writer
Approximately one year ago the high school spring sports season was about to get underway, but then the world encountered Covid, and everything was turned upside down.  
Katie Blasi, the Ashland girl’s lacrosse coach, was preparing for tryouts when she found out there would be no season this year.
“Last year we were ready to go and then Covid shut things down a week before we were to begin,” the Clocker Coach said. “While we couldn’t play, I tried to keep the girls engaged throughout the season with zoom sessions.”
What would have been her first year on the job Blais had to wait a full year before actually getting onto the field with her new team. In addition to coaching youth and club lacrosse (Laxachusetts Central), prior to taking the head coaching job at Ashland, Blais was the junior varsity field hockey coach, so she is familiar with a lot of the crossover athletes. 
“I want to spend a lot of time building this year as there are a lot of new girls as well as new coaches,” she said. “There are 13 seniors interested in playing this year including the eight returning varsity players.”
Leading the Clockers back onto the field this spring will be quad-captains seniors Sarah DaSilva, Patrice Musoke and Emily Flynn, as well as junior Chloe Roberts.  While tryouts were not scheduled to begin until the end of April, the Clocker Coach is not exactly sure who else will be on the team when they open the season in early May.
“At this point I’m not exactly sure where the captains will be playing this season. I do know they have all been instrumental in getting the rest of the girls to workouts and preparing for the season with Covid protocols in place,” Blasi said. “I’ve been told there has been a really good attendance by the girls at practice. Everyone is not only ready but more than excited to get back onto the field and play.”
Since last season was cancelled before anything could take place, Blasi has had to rely on game tape from 2019 and although it is almost two years old at this point, she has been encouraged by what she has seen.
“Ashland has a good youth lacrosse program, and it has translated to the high school level where the team is very athletic,” the Head Coach said. “We have a lot of lacrosse players that participate in other sports, so I’ve been able to watch them via live stream to get an understanding of their athleticism.”
Currently the upcoming abbreviated season’s schedule has not been released yet, but it looks as though the Clockers will be in battle for 15 regular season games as well as a Sectional Tournament. It is still unknown that if there will be a State Tournament. 
Under the guidance of Blasi, the Clockers are looking to earn a spot in the Sectional Tournament this upcoming season.
“Our team has not been involved in tournament play in several years,” the Coach said. “I had sent out a questionnaire and a lot of the girls noted that they wanted to get back there. With the Sectionals back it gives them the possibility and something to shoot for.”
While it has been sometime since the girls have been able to pick up their sticks and play lacrosse for their high school, they are more than ready to get things going.