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Ashland Community Theater is Back!

Larry Loring and Amanda Callahan rehearse “The Viewing Room.” (Photo/supplied)

Ashland Community Theater (ACT) founder and director Joe White wants residents to know that his theater is back after over a year of Covid. ACT usually does two shows each year, spring and fall, but with the pandemic shutdowns starting in early 2020, the group pivoted to online and film. “We did the best we could with Zoom, and a short film; we involved about 50 actors,” White said. “Now that we are getting back to some normalcy, we are eager to re-engage cast members.”
ACT is planning “The Viewing Room,” a play, in September and October; “Tommy and Michael,” a film, on Oct. 20; and “Dashing Through the Snow,” a holiday play, in December.
“The Viewing Room” is ACT’s 13th production and it’s sixth at Marconi’s theater at the Ashland VFW. White will direct the show that will run for five nights: Sept 23-24-25 and Oct 1-2.
“’The Viewing Room’ is an original comedic play about the death and life of Chester Dumbrosky,” White said. “The story takes place in January 2005 at the Hollerbach funeral home; it is the wake of Chester Dumbrosky, patriarch of the Dumbrosky family.”
“The play is about family interactions and the interpersonal relationships we all have; or want to have with our families. While every family dynamic is different, every one of us plays a role within that dynamic. I guarantee you will see some similarities of a family that you know; maybe even your own. It’s a great story about saying things to people who are no longer with us.”
“Tommy and Michael” is a short film (45 minutes) that will premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 20 at 8 p.m. at Marconi’s theater at the Ashland VFW. “It is a film about friendship, childhood friends who re connect many, many years later. It stars local actors, Jerry Halfhide and Larry Loring, and is based upon a play written by Thom Astro of California. I directed it and produced in conjunction with WACA TV,” White said. 
Save the date! “Dashing Through the Snow” a holiday play directed by Julie Murphy that will run Dec. 16-17-18, also at Marconi’s theater.
How will it work inside the theater? “The safety of our patrons and actors is our highest priority,” White noted. “The news around Covid is changing every day. We may have to limit the number of patrons who come into the theater at any one time. If we need to, we can spread theater-goers out in the hall and over five shows of ‘The Viewing Room.’”
Tickets for “The Viewing Room” are $15 per person and may be purchased online at To get involved with ACT or to get on the mailing list, email [email protected]