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GreenUp Ashland: More Than a One-Day, Town-wide Event

By Ashley Place
GreenUp Ashland is a community committee working alongside the town to “promote a litter-free environment and to encourage stewardship of our lands and waterways since 2002.” 
Most residents recognize the name GreenUp Ashland from the annual event the committee hosts in early May to encourage residents to pick up an Ashland trash bag, grab a t-shirt, and start collecting litter. The committee is an active group with initiatives to create a greener community.
In addition to the one-day May event, the committee encourages individuals to clean up litter on a regular basis with an Adopt-a-Street program.
GreenUp member Karyn Dann- Barboza said, “The Adopt-a-Street initiative has been around for approximately four years. It has grown exponentially, and the big lift was last year. Folks really wanted to get out and be active since we were sort of locked down. Since then, the traction has been increasing. In 2022 we hope to pull in more businesses for the adoption program. We are always looking for adopters, volunteers to help on the committee, and reports of littered area in the community.”
Adopt-a-Street currently has 40 active volunteers, and over the past year the program expanded to include adopt-a-space, allowing individuals to clean up local parks and schools.
GreenUp Ashland needs more volunteers. As the volunteers continue to clean up our community, they are noticing more and more discarded trash. Discarded trash not only is an eyesore; it is a health matter, and it significantly impacts the town’s stormwater infrastructure. Please, collect your trash and dispose of it properly. Let’s work together to keep Ashland clean.