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The b.LUXE beauty beat

By Gina Woelfel
Happy Fall, Y’all!  I’ve busted out my autumn wardrobe, enjoyed my first PSL (pumpkin spiced latte for you coffee purists) and officially embraced my favorite season - “sweata weatha.”
We hope you took some time for yourself last month and enjoyed our September specials. It’s a crazy time of year when the kids return to school and you’re suddenly juggling a more chaotic schedule. Self-care is super important and that means scheduling it out. Be it yoga, a facial, a massage or your salon visit, these appointments are your “you time.” They give you the chance to relax, regroup and feel better.  It’s hard to believe that the end of this month is the start of the holiday season! Yup, you read that right. In less than 30 days, we’ll be knee-deep in witches, turkeys and snowmen. With all the holiday hoopla right around the corner, that brings us to this month’s beauty beat topic: Scheduling.
We thought this would be a good time to talk about what it really means to work in the service industry and more specifically, the obstacles and frustration that many face with a commissioned-based career. To work on commission means that your salary is based on a percentage of the business you generate.  For argument’s sake, let’s talk about the beauty industry.


You know that wonderful feeling you get when you visit your salon, get your nails done, or have a facial? I know, for me, there’s nothing like taking that beat from my schedule and doing something exclusively for myself.
Our post-pandemic lives are busier than we could have imagined. With safety precautions in place and tightly booked schedules, appointment-based businesses are working hard to ensure that clients can readily book services, feel safe during their treatments and still provide the highest level of customer care. Employees who work on commission are also still struggling to find a balance with childcare and expenses, with many having to split their time apart as a family to keep their children safe and make ends meet.
This year at b.LUXE, we moved towards a more strict enforcement of our 24 hour cancellation policy and fees, a move that, perhaps, ruffled a few feathers.
Like many businesses, b.LUXE keeps an active cancellation list for our customers who were unable to schedule their desired appointment. If a booked appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, re-booking that time can be difficult. Not only is this disappointing for our waitlisted customers, it can be devastating for your stylist who depends on that service for their commissioned-based pay.  When you cancel, no show or run so late that you can’t be seen, you directly impact the lives of your hairdresser. (You know, the one who makes you look so amazing!)
We understand life is busy and things can pop up. This chat wasn’t for the client who’s had to cancel once or twice.  It was for the serial canceler (and you all know who you are!)
Stylists LOVE their clients and every day, go above and beyond to make them look and feel beautiful.
Perhaps, as we head into what’s sure to be a very busy season, we can shift our perception of our schedules and the people we’ve tied to them.  With three of the most overscheduled months ahead of us, book ahead!  Set some time aside for yourself to relax and enjoy what makes you happy and prioritize that time. Let’s also give a face to each appointment we make and respect and adhere to the time we’ve asked them to set aside for us. If we can do that, we’ll enhance our local business community and support the people who, so often, support us.
We look forward to seeing you soon at the studio!
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