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Newly expanded Platinum Physical Therapy brings relief to local residents

Platinum Physical Therapy has seven therapists at its Ashland location.

y Christie Vogt
Platinum Physical Therapy, which has locations in Ashland, Hopkinton and Milford, has recently expanded its Ashland office to accommodate its growing practice. The larger space at 15 West Union St. allows for its seven physical therapists to provide additional one-on-one care to patients looking for improved quality of life.
Kelsey (Britton) Hoogeboom, Ashland clinic manager and physical therapist, began thinking about a career in physical therapy during her teenage years at Ashland High School when she worked for and shadowed James Cassady, the owner of Platinum Physical Therapy. Inspired by the work she saw, Hoogeboom went on to earn a doctorate degree in physical therapy. “When I got out of school,” Hoogeboom recalls, “I called James and asked if he had a job for me, and he did!” Hoogeboom now has nine years as a physical therapist under her belt, and she is also a certified yoga teacher.
“When people think of PT,” Hoogeboom says, “they often just think, ‘Oh, they’re gonna give me exercises. But we offer more than that, and we have a lot of different specialties within the facility.” Two of their physical therapists are women’s health and pelvic floor specialists who work with prenatal and postpartum patients, as well as any person with pelvic floor issues such as constipation, pelvic floor pain, painful sex and incontinence.
The clinic also has five therapists with orthopedic specialties. “We treat everything from an ankle sprain to postoperative diagnoses such as a total knee replacement or rotator cuff repairs,” Hoogeboom shares. “Also, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain — you name it.” They also have a therapist who specializes in lymphedema and another who specializes in vestibular treatments for patients with concerns such as dizziness and vertigo.
At Platinum Physical Therapy, patients receive one-on-one personalized care in a 40-minute model, Hoogeboom explains. Therapists offer a thorough functional movement assessment and a treatment plan that may include hands-on manual work, an exercise program and educational information to manage symptoms and return to function. “We want you to be back out in the community and doing what you want to do as soon as possible,” she says.
In Massachusetts, patients have what’s called “direct access” to physical therapy, meaning they can go directly to a therapist without a referral from a doctor, although some insurance companies do require a referral in order for the evaluation and treatment to be covered.
Those without injuries or acute concerns can also benefit from the clinic’s yoga class, running assessments and strength programming, which includes a movement screen and personalized exercise program. 
Platinum Physical Therapy also provides free injury screens. “We’d so much rather you get on our table at the beginning of pain onset rather than waiting,” Hoogeboom says. “We might say, ‘Yeah, let’s get you into the doctor, it looks like you do need PT.’ Or sometimes we’ll say, ‘You know what, it’s just X, Y and Z; try this and follow up in two weeks to make sure the pain has resolved.”
“We’re here to support you,” Hoogeboom emphasizes. “Our ultimate goal is that you have the knowledge to take care of yourself and eventually you don’t need us at all.”
“When we get to see a person achieve their goals, whether that goal is to run a marathon or to simply get down on the floor to play with their grandchildren,” Hoogeboom adds, “that’s success to us. It’s truly about getting people back to the life they want to live.” 
To learn more, visit Image, email [email protected] or call the Ashland office at 508-881-6750.