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Holliston Vision Center zooms in on patients’ needs

Dr. Roselyn Jeun looks forward to welcoming new patients at Holliston Vision Center.

By Christie Vogt
Dr. Roselyn Jeun, the owner of Holliston Vision Center, prides herself on being a small provider who’s big on community. “Since 2010, when I purchased the practice, I have really enjoyed getting to know and take care of a lot of people in town,” Jeun says. “At some offices, patients get shuffled along and only get one minute with the doctor; I don’t want to work that way. I want to get to know my patients.”
Jeun and her team at Holliston Vision Center offer comprehensive and medical eye exams, contact lens evaluation, laser vision and cataract co-management and a wide selection of eyewear. Jeun has been an optometrist for more than 20 years and possesses training that makes her particularly skilled at fitting specialized contact lenses on “hard-to-fit” eyes, such as those with irregular corneas due to eye diseases.
Her expertise in orthokeratology is a “real practice definer” for Holliston Vision Center, Jeun says. Through orthokeratology, special lenses can be used to reshape the eye, similar to how dental retainers shape teeth, she says. The process is effective for nearsighted patients, Jeun explains, and she has been fitting such lenses since 2005. Jeun finds it particularly rewarding being able to use orthokeratology to slow down nearsightedness in children.
The clinic’s dry eye care services also help the practice stand out. While many providers offer dry eye care, Holliston Vision Center uses TearCare, a treatment that involves the use of heated strips that melt congested oil glands and provide a “deep cleaning” for the eyes that can bring welcome relief. 
Jeun suggests children and adults have a check-up with an optometrist every one to two years, even if they don’t have noticeable problems. When children visit a pediatrician, they only receive an eye screening, not a comprehensive eye exam, Jeun cautions, and full exams are necessary to monitor eye health and visual performance.
As of May 20, the clinic will no longer accept vision plans like VSP and EyeMed but will continue to accept major medical plans. Jeun explains that vision plans often limit patient choices and make it difficult for doctors to operate. Patient experience will improve without the red tape of these plans, Jeun says, and many medical insurers will cover routine eye exams. Patients may also pay out-of-pocket and then submit their receipts and claim directly to their vision plan for possible reimbursement.
“Unlike some places where you feel like a number, that’s the last thing I want people to feel like,” Jeun says. “We really listen to people and get them what they need. It’s not about selling, it’s about taking care and paying attention to patients.”

Such attention to detail was critical in the care of one recent patient, Jeun shares. The patient came into the clinic due to abnormal vision symptoms but upon examination, his eyes indicated no issues. Jeun informed his  primary care doctor and advised the patient to go immediately to the emergency room as his symptoms were indicative of an artery blockage. “He had a major blockage in his carotid artery and could’ve had a stroke,” Jeun explains. “I’m happy he didn’t ignore his own symptoms.”
“The pandemic has been tough,” Jeun reflects, “with many people scared to go to the doctor. Now, we’re seeing people coming out of the woodwork, and we want to reassure patients that it is safe to come in. We’re still wearing masks in the office, and we do all we can to make it a comfortable, friendly environment for all.”
Holliston Vision Center is located at 841 Washington St., Holliston. For more information, visit or call 508-429-1330.