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Dragonfly Festival Highlights Local Diversity, Art in Ashland

By Susan Manning
If you are looking for some local art and diversity, turn out to The Corner Spot on Saturday, Sept. 10. 
For information on the event, see our Q&A below: 
Q: What is the Dragonfly Festival?
The Dragonfly Festival provides local programming that supports the mission of Arts! Ashland Alliance, Inc. Our planning and theme seeks to promote and feature Ashland’s diversity, showcase Ashland musicians and artists, grow our local cultural economy and provide support for downtown Ashland revitalization.
Q: How many years has this been in existence?
This is the 9th Annual Festival including a 2020 Dragonfly virtual event 
Q: Why is it called The Dragonfly Festival?
In mythology, the dragonfly represents change, wisdom and potential. As a symbol for the Festival, the dragonfly supports our theme of community renewal, growth and diversity.
Q: What can eventgoers expect to find in terms of performances and vendors?
The 2022 will feature a variety of music performances including local favorites Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli, dance performances, and a variety of artisan vendors. Please check our website ( and Facebook page ( for updated Festival information. 
Q: Is there a significance to the location?
The first Dragonfly Festival was located at Mill Pond Park and then added the Ashland Historical Society grounds. Both sites are adjacent to Mill Pond and the Sudbury River, the natural habitat for the dragonfly species and is the natural location to promote and showcase our local cultural economy and provide support for downtown Ashland revitalization.
Q: How much does it cost to get in?
The Dragonfly Festival is free, family-friendly and open to the public.
Q: What are the event details?
Over the past several years, the Dragonfly Festival has been held at both the Historical Society site and The Corner Spot. Due to the current Downtown reconstruction project, the 2022 Dragonfly Festival will held exclusively at The Corner Spot on Sept. 10, 1-6 p.m.