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Hundreds of Asian Brush Paintings Donated to Friends of the Ashland Public Library

Over 800 Original Works of Art for Sale at Sept. 17 Book Sale

Through a generous donation by Don Gordon, owner of Premier Image Gallery in Ashland, the Friends of the Ashland Public Library are selling hundreds of stunning watercolor brush paintings at their September 17 book sale. These beautiful, signed original works of art are priced “pay what you wish” with all proceeds going to support the many programs for all ages at the Ashland Public Library.

 Larry DeJong, Art Exhibition Coordinator at the APL, facilitated the donation.  DeJong had recently visited Don Gordon in his shop on Rt. 126 in Ashland and was given a tall stack of narrow cut papers. The stack contained a few hundred pieces, and on each one was a lovely simple Asian style brush painting: all original, hand done, and each one different.  Each was charming, and in perfect condition after years in the back of the shop.


According to DeJong, “Don explained to me that when he bought the shop almost 30 years ago, this stack of paintings was in the shop.  He has no idea who did them, but it must have been someone who either owned the shop or worked there.  While there seemed to be a signature in Asian characters, no one seems to be able to read it.”

Feeling that the library could use them in some way, Gordon asked DeJong to take the pieces to the library.  DeJong continues the story; “I emailed Betsy Emberley, and asked to meet her in the library which we did, along with two of the Friends staff.  I presented them to this group and we discussed some possible ideas for how to use them.  When I first laid out some of the actual paintings, the reaction to them told me a lot.  The three women were all smiles and very enthusiastic about what they were being given.  I knew then that Don had made the right choice.  They would do well with this gift. On a later visit to see Don and convey to him how pleased the Friends were, he found another stack of them, which has since been delivered to the Friends.”

The art will be available for sale along with over 10,000 gently used books, DVDs, and CDs at the upcoming September 17 Mini Book Sale located in the permanent book sale room at the Ashland Public Library.  The sale will be open from 10 am to 1 pm during which time donations will also be accepted in the library parking lot. The Friends anticipate making the art available for sale during future book sales as well.

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Jan Poppendieck