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Fulfill a life- long goal, and give back to the Ashland Community

Have you ever had the dream to run the Boston Marathon? Now is your chance! 
The Ashland Select Board offers an incredible opportunity for those wishing to run the 2023 Boston Marathon this spring.
Every year, the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) provides the Town of Ashland with Invitational Entries for the Boston Marathon. This year, they will provide 22 entries with 12 being distributed via a lottery. 
The Select Board is now accepting names for consideration to run this year’s marathon for the Town of Ashland. Preference is given to Ashland Residents. 
Submit your name for consideration to the Select Board by Monday, Oct. 31, by emailing Susan Robie, [email protected] 
In exchange for an entry form, each runner is required to raise $3,000. The monies raised by each runner funds the BAA Grant Program, which benefits several community organizations twice a year. Last year, runners raised a total of $70,501 for the program funding several community events, sport teams, and more. 
A drawing will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 1, selecting the participants running for the Town of Ashland. All entries will be notified of the results and those not selected will be placed on the waitlist.