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Town Clerk’s Office Updates Dog License Registration

Please register your dog before April 15. A $50 fine will be added to each dog license after this date. 
The fee for intact dogs is $20 per dog. The fee for spayed or neutered dogs is $15 per dog but if you (the owner) are seventy (70) years of age or older then the tag is no charge. 
Don’t forget to bring an updated rabies certificate with you. Please note that the free license does not apply to kennels. 
You may license your dog using the Town of Ashland’s online system, or by dropping off the form and payment to Town Hall. 
If you no longer reside in Ashland, or your dog is deceased, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office by email, [email protected], or call 508-881-0100 ext. 7127 so records are updated.