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Stone Park Music Festival Shares Classical Music With Community

            By Patricia Roy

 The Stone Park Music Festival was created with the intention of sharing the joy and benefits of classical music to the community. This family-friendly festival welcomes all fans of classical music and those who would like to learn more about it, whether adult, young adult or child.

The festival made its debut last year, Grace Soonjoo Moon, founder and director of the SPMF, said in a press release. 

“It’s intended to be an entry point for those who are interested in classical music, but find it hard to approach,” Moon, a pianist and composer,  said.

The SPMF has as its vision making a better society though music through having great artists perform in concerts. It also provides performance opportunities for both amateur and professional musicians through competitions. The open air venue of Stone Park was chosen to enhance the event and concert-goers’ enjoyment of the music.

This season, the SPMF will host a piano competition along with its slate of concerts.  your article here..“The purpose of the competition is to inspire music students to reach higher levels in their piano studies, to provide a stage for talented amateur musicians and provide more performance opportunities for professional musicians,” Moon said.

The SPMF Piano Competition is open to everyone who loves music and playing piano, she said.

“Playing piano is the collective work of our brain, body and mind. Learning how to play notes takes a lot of time and effort, but learning how to create music demands even more time, patience and effort, both physically and mentally,” she said.

Through the competition, the SPMF will celebrate the competitors’ hard work, encourage them to move forward with their piano studies and become a part of their music journeys.

Complete information about the competition can be found online at

There are four age divisions with categories for young students, adult amateurs and professionals. The website also contains guidance for repertoire and lists prizes ranging from $50 to $250.

The competition process is also outlined on the site. Applications opened March 31 and close July 8. The application fee is $25. Submission forms can be found at