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Marie Kane Honored with Mary Mortensen Award

Marie Kane was honored with the Mary Mortensen Public Health Award on June 6th. She’s a true testament to how one family can turn an unimaginable tragedy, like losing their son, into a powerful force for good. For more than two decades, Marie, her late husband Bernie, their late son Kevin, and the rest of their family, alongside the Ashland Citizens Action Committee, have made it their mission to shed light on the consequences of Nyanza and, most importantly, to clean up the site that has caused so much harm to Ashland families.


This year, it was none other than Michael Herbert, the Ashland Town Manager, who proudly nominated Kane for the Mary Mortensen Public Health Award. Inspired by Marie’s unwavering dedication and resilience, Michael felt compelled to recognize her outstanding contributions. The award pays homage to Mary Mortensen, another selfless public servant who worked towards improving the health and well-being of Ashland residents.
Heartfelt thanks go to the Board of Health for honoring Kane and to all the family and friends who joined the celebration. They gathered to honor this amazing Ashland resident, who never seems to slow down in her efforts to make a positive impact on the community.