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Ashland Celebrates New State-of-the-Art School Building

The Ashland community is celebrating the opening of an impressive new school building.

Town Manager Michael Herbert recently expressed his gratitude and admiration for the collaborative effort that made this achievement possible.

“Incredibly proud of our new school,” Herbert stated. “Years of planning, community input, and hard work culminated in the opening of a state-of-the-art facility for our students, teachers, and administrators this past Tuesday.”

This achievement is a result of dedicated teamwork. Herbert extended his thanks to the Mindess School Building Committee, led by Paul Kendall, for their meticulous oversight. Superintendent Jim Adams and the Ashland School Committee played vital roles, as did the Ashland Select Board for their unwavering support.

Herbert also acknowledged the contributions of the Project and Construction team from Vertex and Shawmut, as well as the Massachusetts School Building Authority. Political leaders, including Senate President Spilka and Representative Jack Lewis, were recognized for their support.

Most notably, Herbert thanked Ashland residents for overwhelmingly voting to fund the new school. 

“One of my proudest moments as Town Manager was when we received the results of the vote,” he said. “Both the Public Safety Building and the School passed with strong support.”

This achievement underscores the unity within Ashland, which distinguishes it from many other communities. As the Mindess School opens its doors, Herbert looks forward to the positive impact it will have on the community for decades to come.