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Ashland Downtown Project Update

By Theresa Knapp
At a meeting of the Select Board on Oct. 4, Town Administrator Michael Herbert said the downtown project “is coming along.”
He noted the street lining work had not been done as scheduled but expected the contractor to do the work shortly; and said there is a change in plans for the medians and crossing islands.
“We were looking at doing a stamped asphalt treatment on the medians and with the crossing islands and once we had one of those done, well, it looked like stamped asphalt; it did not look like cobblestone or what we were trying to emulate so we’re actually now going to brick the medians and the crossing islands.”
Herbert said next year, inside the medians, will have some landscaped areas; and electronic signs are being considered for the future.
Herbert the streetscape work should be done by the end of october.
Select Board member Joseph Magnani Jr. said he had noticed some cracked bricks (possibly “soft”bricks) on Main Street, and asked Herbert to check on those.