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December 2023 at the Ashland Library

Christmas Holiday
Closed on Monday, December 25th 
Essential Oils with Hannah Stein: Frankincense and Myrrh
Tuesday, December 5 @ 6:30pm
Join us as we explore these natural and inexpensive oils and how it can improve your life.
Virtual - Baking Demo and Discussion with Chef Erin Jeanne McDowell
Tuesday, December 5 @ 7pm
Who doesn’t like a bit of holiday baking? We are so pleased to welcome Chef and Cookbook Author Erin Jeanne McDowell to our virtual stage! Erin will demonstrate how to make one of her favorite recipes and then will have some time to chat with attendees about all of our “burning” questions :). We hope you can make this very special event.
VIRTUAL Front Street Readers Book Club
Tuesday, December 5 @ 7pm
Read “Astrid & Veronika” by Linda Olsson.
Virtual - Environmental Book Club
Wednesday, December 6 @ 6:30pm
Read “Climate Champions: 15 Women Fighting for Your Future” by Rachel Sarah.
VIRTUAL: Ashland Adult Book Club
Wednesday, December 6 @ 6:30pm
Read “The Music of Bees” by Eileen Garvin.
Virtual: Armchair Travel To France
Wednesday, December 6 @ 7pm
Visit Southwest France. Away from Paris, France is very different. Enjoy the sights of Bordeaux and wine country. Make a stop in Dordogne for Cro-Magnon man cave paintings. Hike on the GR65 in Cahors.

HYBRID - Romance Book Club
Thursday, December 7 @ 6:30pm
Read Holiday (ANY Holiday) Romances
Make Your Own Wrapping Paper with Jan Poppendieck
Thursday, December 7 @ 6:30pm
Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? It’s true! So, come join us for an evening of learning how to make your own wrapping paper with Jan. We’ll use stamps, colored pencils, and other organic materials to make your wrapping paper beautiful and earth friendly!
 Virtual - Friday Night Film Discussion
Friday, December 8 @ 7pm
Watch “The Merry Gentleman”
Cookbook Club & Kitchen Gadget Exchange 
Saturday, December 9 @ 12pm
Cook from “The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook: Artisanal Baking from Around the World” by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez and the Bakers of Hot Bread Kitchen with Julia Turshen.
For the Kitchen Gadget Exchange - bring your favorite kitchen gadget for a good old fashioned Yankee Swap! Rules:
The item has to be less than $10.
You have to bring an item if you want to play BUT, participation in the swap is not required.
Virtual: Asian Art Series: Art Across Asia - When the Tiger Smoked a Pipe: The Art of Korea with Ginny Meyer
Sunday, December 10 @ 2:30pm
Explore the varied and fascinating art that Koreans have produced for thousands of years. Renowned throughout Asia for their ceramics and textiles, Korea also has created, adapted, and refined a broad spectrum of art forms. Today Korea is one of the leaders in contemporary art production.

Card Making with Jan Poppendieck
Monday, December 11 @ 6:30pm
Jan will teach embossing, die cutting, proper stamping, and use of equipment individually and group techniques of creating unique cards.
Virtual - All that Glitters is Gold: Gustav Klimt
Monday, December 11 @ 7pm
Austrian painter Gustav Klimt is associated with a number of artist movements including Art Nouveau and Symbolism, but in the end he developed a distinctive style all his own. This program introduces audiences to the idiosyncratic artist and reviews his famous gold paintings as well as his lesser known works.
Virtual - Holiday Romance Book Recommendations with Booklist Reviewer, John Charles
Monday, December 11 @ 7pm
With the holidays right around the corner, take a minute (or an hour) to relax and find some good holiday romance reads! John Charles will give us his “best of” list of 2023 that will have your TBR pile tipping over and your holidays spent cozying up to a good book (bring your own hot toddy!). Virtual: Gallery Talk with the Addison Gallery: Free Association: New Acquisitions in Context
Tuesday, December 12 @ 2pm
Visit the Addison Gallery of American Art virtually through this Zoom presentation. Curators Gordon Wilkins and Rachel Vogel will lead participants on a virtual tour through the works and themes presented in the exhibition Free Association: New Acquisitions in Context.
Stretch Bead Bracelets for the Holidays with Monica Foley
Tuesday, December 12 @ 6pm
This is a class for adults to learn about shape and color patterns in making stretch beaded bracelets. The class will review basic design principles in jewelry making. There will be a variety of bead shapes and colors provided to the class. Patrons will learn how to tie a knot and hide it inside one of the beads so the bracelets have a finished look. Bio/Memoir Book Club
Wednesday, December 13 @ 11am
Read “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi.
Sending Sunshine: Community Letter Writing *For All Ages
Wednesday, December 13 @ 5pm
Do you love letter writing or want to spend some family time doing this time honored tradition in service of senior citizens? Join your community and spread sunshine to senior citizens!
Mystery Book Club 
Wednesday, December 13 @ 6:30pm
Read “A Christmas Guest” by Anne Perry.
Art for Adults with Nancy Atkinson
Thursday, December 14 @ 6:30pm
Nancy will teach us drawing techniques with different mediums, papers, and ideas. We hope you can join us and up your artistry game.
Virtual - Friday Night Film Discussion
Friday, December 15 @ 7pm
Watch “The Insult”
Saturday Knit and Crochet Club and Workshop: Knit Fir Tree Ornaments 
Saturday, December 16, 2023
Come join us this week at the Saturday Knit and Crochet Club to learn how to knit a fun fir tree ornament for the holidays! *Ages 14 & Up