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Ashland Garden Club Members Create Winter Gardens

Did you ever wonder what the Ashland Garden Club members do when there aren’t gardens or planters to be weeded, watered, and nurtured? 
Well, like most gardeners, we never stop thinking about gardening regardless of the season.  
Winter is a time to reflect on what we enjoyed about last summer’s plantings while thinking about what we would like to do differently in the spring.  
Gardening and seed catalogs help us in our planning as we think warm thoughts of spring. But a visit to a nursery can go a long way towards lifting our spirts when it is dark and dreary.  
A recent visit to Weston Nursery sparked Master Gardener Elena Lapitsky’s enthusiasm about Garden Club members creating our own “winter gardens” in the form of terrariums or planters. As the result, a group of Garden Club members joined Elena in visiting Weston Nursery to see their terrariums and to buy small plants and the other materials needed to make our own terrariums or planters. 
Jules Remenar welcomed us to use the meeting room at Ducle D Leche where we met to create our own versions of winter gardens.  Everyone brought their own containers and small plants, and the Club provided all the planting materials.   Elena talked us through the planting process while explaining the materials and steps necessary to create the right environment for our tiny succulents. An added bonus to meeting at Ducle D Leche was the fact that we could enjoy drinks and snacks as we worked and after our work was finished many of us stayed to enjoy lunch or dessert.  
Save the Date: Ashland Garden Club welcomes the public:  March 9, 10-11:30 at the Ashland Public Library “From Rock and Grass to Italian-like Resort Gardens, A DIY Project.”
Join Ashland Garden Club member, Laura Johnson as she walks us through the multi-year transformation of her non-descript backyard into an Italian-like resort, complete with a bocce court, patio with a fire pit, and numerous gardens.