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Realtor Willene Koziara: ‘Anyone can have their dream home

Willene Koziara’s enthusiasm and experience help anyone find their dream home or sell their current home

By Linda Chuss
When meeting realtor Willene Koziara what clearly comes through is her genuine passion for helping people, specifically in buying and selling their homes. “Everyone needs a place to call home, one meant for them,” said Koziara. “I like to say I don’t sell houses – I sell dreams. I really enjoy getting to know people and what they want, then helping them achieve it.”
For many years, Koziara harbored the dream of becoming a realtor. “But life got in the way,” she said. Eventually, Koziara realized that dream by obtaining her real estate license and joining Keller Williams Boston MetroWest Realty. Her initial year proved to be extremely fulfilling and included assisting a buyer in finding a home immediately after passing her exam to selling a million-dollar property within a week. She also successfully managed a property in Florida. Notably, in early January 2024, she already had a home under agreement.
Koziara also brings twenty years of experience working with contractors and inspectors. “I provide advice on what work to do and share contacts for getting it done,” she said. “Sellers and buyers benefit because I can talk knowledgably with inspectors.
“Throughout the process, clear communication is critical. I listen to what clients want and keep them informed. Also, I’m fluent in Portuguese, which is more comfortable for clients who have that as their primary language.”
As an Ashland resident for 15 years, Koziara remarked, “I would never leave the town. My four children have been in Ashland public schools. All of them play lacrosse and the younger ones play basketball. That’s my husband’s influence – he leads a physical education department in Framingham. Family and home are very important to us, and I like to help other people have a home for their families, in any MetroWest community.
“Some people think it’s impossible to buy a house, but anyone can! There is a process to get ready to own and I like to help people through it, one step at a time, no matter how long it takes. To see the smile at the end is priceless. As my 8-year-old daughter says, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. 
“Every situation is somewhat unique. There’s always something new and I like the challenges. For example, interest rates, which are currently a puzzle – everyone is hopeful they’re moving down, but regardless, investing in real estate is worthwhile now.”
Bianca S., a client who bought a home through Koziara, shared, “There are no words to describe how happy my husband and I were with the service and care provided by Willene. She was always attentive to details and willing to search as many houses as necessary until we found our perfect one, in the exact location and style we were looking for. From the beginning to the key handover, we cannot describe how grateful and happy we are to have had Willene with us on this journey.”
As for sellers, Koziara said, “I want to make it headache-free for them. Like if they’re downsizing and moving from Ashland to somewhere warmer, I can help with selling here and buying there.”
Koziara sold a home for Branden G., who commented, “Working with my realtor was an absolute pleasure. She went above and beyond to ensure that the sale of my home went smoothly.”
Recommendations like those put a big smile on Koziara’s face. “I want my clients to be satisfied because that’s my reason for doing this.”
For more information, visit To talk with Willene Koziara about finding the right home or selling a home, call 774-244-2301 or email [email protected].