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Premier Image Gallery Celebrates 35 Years in Ashland

By Linda Chuss

“How many businesses from 35 years ago are still around, and have the same owner?” asked Don Gordon, proprietor of Premier Image Gallery in Ashland. It is one of the few businesses that has remained open since February 1989, when Gordon took it over. The attention customers receive and the satisfaction he derives when they see the finished product are what has kept the shop thriving.

Located in Shaw’s Plaza on Eliot Street, the gallery provides framing services, shows and sells work created by local artists, and has a gift section. “I’ve always enjoyed displaying paintings made by the talented creative community here. Our upper gallery always has about 50 original works. We’ve held member shows for the Framingham Artists’ Guild and the Franklin Art Association, among others.

“Some of those artists frame their work here, too. Over the years, we’ve also had repeat clientele from local organizations, like companies showcasing articles about them for the office, or hospitals who frame notices to hang. They supplement the walk-ins, people who come in with one special item to hang and protect, like an autographed sports jersey, or a Boston Marathon medal, or a favorite album cover.”

Just prior to buying the gallery, Gordon had retired after working for 20 years at the Bradlees department store chain, which no longer exists. Living in Milford, he sought a business in the MetroWest region. He looked into stationary stores and video shops, most of which also no longer exist. “I wanted something with a little creativity. A pair of brothers started the gallery and within a year, decided to sell it, so that worked out well for me.” It has been Gordon’s ever since.

Gordon is in remission from cancer and had to cut back on hours. He wants to keep the gallery going as long as he can. “What I like most is the relationships with customers. People come in just to say hi. There are clients who came here when they married and now their children are through college and are clients too.” While some aspects of the business have changed in the 35 years since it opened, the gratification that customers and Gordon experience remains the same.

Premier Image Gallery at 290 Eliot St. in Ashland is open 9 a.m. to noon or by appointment. For more information, visit or call 508-881-4730.