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Supporting Town Marathon Runners

Get ready to cheer on 15 determined residents as they lace up their running shoes for the 2024 Boston Marathon! These dedicated individuals aren’t just racing for personal achievement; they’re on a mission to support their community through the BAA Grant program. Each runner is required to raise $3,000, with every dollar directly benefiting local initiatives. Led by the Select Board, the BAA Grants provide vital funding twice a year, empowering Ashland to thrive.

Join the cause by backing a runner and investing in your community’s future! Visit the town website Boston Marathon page at to make your donation today.

Meet the 2024 Runners:

• Rachel Abend

• Brendan Abel

• Sharmita Bhattacharjee

• Christopher Boulanger

• Marguerite Fifield

• Michelle Goessling

• Luke Gustavson

• Nathan Keegan

• Scott Lavigne

• Margaret Musoke

• Rebecca Navarro

• Jane Reardon

• Jamie Tripp

• Justin Unton

• Huong Wolf