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March at the Ashland Library


Virtual: Job Search Help -- Design A Career That Fulfills You

Monday, March 4 @ 2pm

Tammy Gooler Loeb, author of “Work from the Inside Out: Break Through Nine Common Obstacle and Design A Career That Fulfills You”, will offer insights from her 20+ years of experience as a career and executive coach.

Virtual - Q&A with Author Erica Cirino Discusses “Thicker Than Water The Quest for Solutions to the Plastic Crisis”

Monday, March 4 @ 7pm

We had so many questions for Erica at our last session, we just had to invite her back for a Q&A! Erica Cirino is a photojournalist, scientist, and artist, and she will be discussing her book “Thicker Than Water: The Quest for Solutions to the Plastic Crisis”. This time, Erica will adapt her presentation to answer some of the questions that came up at our last event and have more time for Q&A on this very important topic!

Virtual: A Visit with the Lowell National Historical Park

Tuesday, March 5 @ 12:30pm

Lowell’s water-powered textile mills catapulted the nation – including immigrant families and early female factory workers – into an uncertain new industrial era. Nearly 200 years later, the changes that began there still reverberate in our shifting global economy and serve as a living testament to the dynamic human story of the industrial revolution. 

Virtual - New England Lighthouses and the People Who Kept Them with Author Jeremy D’Entremont

Tuesday, March 5 @ 7pm 

One of our favorite speakers, Jeremy D’Entremont tells the history of New England’s historic and picturesque lighthouses primarily focusing on the colorful and dramatic stories of lighthouse keepers and their families.

VIRTUAL Front Street Readers Book Club 

Tuesday, March 5 @ 7pm

Read “Horse” by Geraldine Brooks

Virtual: The Real Score: Unraveling Myths About Trans People in Sports w/ Erin Reed

Tuesday, March 5 @ 7pm

In this presentation, we will explore the complex and often misunderstood world of transgender athletes in sports. And, we’ll consider what transgender inclusion means for society at large.

Virtual - Environmental Book Club

Wednesday, March 6 @ 6:30pm

Read “The Great Displacement: Climate Change and the Next American Migration” by Jake Bittle.

Virtual - Author and Historian Marion Gibson Discusses “Witchcraft: A History in 13 Trials”

Thursday, March 7 @ 10am

We are so fascinated with witches and witchcraft so we are taking this opportunity to discuss both with historian and author Marion Gibson about her book, “Witchcraft: A History in 13 Trials”. This book is a fascinating, vivid global history of witch trials across Europe, Africa, and the Americas, told through thirteen distinct trials that illuminate the pattern of demonization and conspiratorial thinking that has profoundly shaped human history.

Virtual - Introduction to Ornithology with Bill Gette: Feathers

Thursday, March 7 @ 1pm

During this PowerPoint lecture, Bill will teach you about the origin of feathers, the anatomy of a feather, feather types and functions, feather care, feather molt, and coloration. 

HYBRID - Romance Book Club

Thursday, March 7 @ 6:30pm

Read a romance set in Australia or written by an Australian author.

Mystery Book Club 

Friday, March 8 @12pm

Readv”The Kind Worth Killing”  by Peter Swanson.

A Meditative Outdoors Late Winter/Early Spring Walk with Hannah Stein

Saturday, March 9 @ 10am

Join Hannah on this walk designed to increase your awareness of the relaxing and healing benefits of nature that you can discover right here in Ashland!

From Rock and Grass to Italian-like Resort Gardens, A DIY Project

Saturday, March 9 @ 10am

Join Ashland Garden Club member, Laura Johnson, as she walks us through her multi year transformation of her non-descript grassy backyard into an Italian-like resort, complete with a bocce court, patio with a fire pit, and numerous gardens.

Virtual - Encore Discussion! Author Christopher Morash on “Dublin” - The Place and the Literati!

Saturday, March 9 @ 10am

If you are a fan of classic literature and love a pint o’ Guinness while you’re reading, join us for another conversation with author & professor at Trinity College Christopher Morash as he digs even deeper into his book “Dublin: A Writer’s City” which unfolds a book-lover’s map of this unique city, inviting us to experience what it means to live in a great city of literature.

Cookbook Club

Saturday, March 9 @ 12pm

A Taste of Ireland

Virtual - Celebrating a Book Birthday with Romance Author Lyla Sage, In Conversation with Tarah DeWitt

Saturday, March 9 @ 2pm

You know we love book birthdays and we’re excited to celebrate one with romance author Lyla Sage! Her new book, “Swift and Saddled”, is the much anticipated sequel to “Done and Dusted”. We’re looking forward to this conversation between Lyla and RomCom author Tarah DeWitt - book birthdays are the best with friends! 

Virtual: Asian Art Series: Art Across Asia - The Goddess: Images of Power

Sunday, March 10 @ 2:30pm

Explore various cultural and religious manifestations of female deities. Let’s celebrate Women’s History Month with this important discussion!

Virtual: Job Search Help -- How To Power Network

Monday, March 11 @ 2pm

Learn all the tools necessary to develop extensive networks that access the hidden job market and that will pay continuing dividends throughout one’s career. 

Card Making with Jan Poppendieck 

Monday, March 11 @ 6:30pm

Jan will teach embossing, die cutting, proper stamping, and use of equipment individually and group techniques of creating unique cards.

Virtual - Author Talk: Marcia A. Zug Discusses “You’ll Do - A History of Marrying for Reasons Other Than Love”

Monday, March 11 @ 7pm

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Professor Marcia Zug, as she discusses the history of marriage, how it’s affected so many of our social norms, and if there is a benefit to taking economics and politics out of marriage so it can just be about love.

Virtual: The History of Presidential Libraries

Tuesday, March 12 @ 12:30pm

Explore the history of these libraries and how current issues have forced significant changes beginning with the Barack Obama Presidential Library. Led by archivist Craig Wright, Supervisory Archivist at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

Virtual - Book Recs with Bookstagrammer Jody Blanchette aka @redreadreviews

Tuesday, March 12 @ 7pm

Not sure what to read next? Join Jody for 30 minutes of pure book recommendations - with a bent towards horror and thrillers and a few other genres thrown in! We’re sure you’ll find something to like from Jody’s many enthusiastic reviews.

Virtual: Q&A with Author, Producer, Director and Screenwriter Stan Zimmerman on “The Girls: From Golden to Gilmore”

Wednesday, March 13 @ 7pm

This one is for all of our TV fans out there! We’re thrilled to welcome producer, director, screenwriter, and debut author, Stan Zimmerman, to Ashland for this virtual meeting! He’ll be discussing his new book “The Girls: From Golden to Gilmore”. From personal experiences to the insider scoop, Stan will take us down memory lane about some of our most cherished TV shows - the making of, the stars, and the challenges. We can’t wait!

Virtual: The History of Ireland -- 1607 To The Great Famine

Thursday, March 14 @ 10:30am

Enjoy an overview of Irish history from the Flight of the Earls in 1607 to the beginning of the Great Famine in the 1840’s. Learn about the Rebellion of 1841, Cromwell’s invasion, The Battle of the Boyne, the penal laws, the rebellion of 1798 and Catholic Emancipation. Virtual - Monster Romance Panel with Ashley Bennett, Kate Prior, and Colette Rhodes

Thursday, March 14 @ 7pm

We just love our Monster Romance Panels! This time, we welcome authors Ashley Bennett, Kate Prior, and Colette Rhodes as they talk about how is it different/same from PNR/Alien romances, their publishing journeys, and experience with Romancelandia. This is sure to be an amazing conversation!

Virtual: Job Search Help -- Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts

Monday, March 18 @ 2pm

This interactive session will be packed with information to help you become more productive,including: the use/misuse of social media in a search; networking tips; a job hunter’s elevator speech, resumes and references, cover letters; and job search statistics.

Virtual: The History of Willie Nelson

Tuesday, March 19 @ 12:30pm

Using interview and performance clips, we’ll trace the arc of Willie’s career from his humble beginnings in small town Texas to his struggles in Nashville to his shift to Outlaw Country and to his now legendary status. We’ll cover all the big hits including “Crazy,” “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain,” “On The Road Again,” and “Always On My Mind.”

Virtual - An Evening with Christopher C. Gorham Author of “The Confidante”

Tuesday, March 19 @ 7pm

Join us for an evening with author Christopher C. Gorham for a presentation on his book, “The Confidante: The Untold Story of the Woman Who Helped Win WWII and Shape Modern America”. “The Confidante” is the first-ever biography of Anna Rosenberg, who rose from modest immigrant beginnings to become one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s key wartime advisors.

Virtual: Democracy Talks: Child Removal in the U.S.

Tuesday, March 19 @ 7pm

Learn about two current realities of child removal in the United States: the separation of migrant families at U.S. borders and the racial biases and corruption in U.S. foster care and adoption systems. 

Bio/Memoir Book Club

Wednesday, March 20 @ 11am

Read “The Rye Bread Marriage” by Michaele Weissman.

Half-Past Crafts: Leather Flower Pins

Wednesday, March 20 @ 6:30pm

This month we are experimenting with leather by making cute flower pins!

Virtual: Creative Couples of London -- Elizabeth Siddal & Laura Alma-Tadema

Thursday, March 21 @ 10:30am

Elizabeth Siddal began her artistic career as a model for several of the Pre-Raphaelites, including Dante Gabriel Rossetti. As they developed both a professional and personal relationship, eventually marrying, Elizabeth and Dante often worked together in the same studio as Elizabeth worked as an artist. Elizabeth was the only female artist to exhibit with the Pre-Raphaelites. Laura Epps also began as a student and model for Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. They eventually married and Laura exhibited at the London Royal Academy, the Paris Salon, and the 1878 Paris International Exposition, one of only two English women to exhibit. Explore how each of their artistic lives reflected the historic events of their time.

Virtual - AI Wellness: Empower Your Mind and Body with Innovative AI Tools

Thursday, March 21 @ 1pm

Join us for an enlightening presentation on AI wellness tools designed to nurture mental and physical well-being. After the presentation, you will feel assured in your ability to adopt a new era of self-care through the use of cutting-edge AI tools for wellness.

Great Decisions 

Thursday, March 21 @ 6:30pm

Discuss Mideast Realignment

Virtual - Haunted Happenings with Jeff DePaoli: The Dark Woods with Owner Chad Zingales

Thursday, March 21 @ 6:30pm

The Dark Woods is a haunted Halloween event located at Trombly Gardens in Milford, NH. Join owner Chad Zingales and Jeff DePaoli, Host of “That Halloween Podcast”, as they talk all about this fantastic haunted experience right in our backyard!

In Person - Author Tom Ellis speaks on his newly published book, “Ashland’s Civil War Service.”

Sunday, March 24 @ 2pm

*At the Ashland Historical Society

We’re excited to partner with the Ashland Historical Society for this program! Author Tom Ellis speaks on his newly published book, “Ashland’s Civil War Service.” Learn about the historical contributions of the people of Ashland during the Civil War. Ellis will discuss how the town of Ashland banded together and the lives of the servicemen from Ashland. Ellis will also discuss the women and service men of African descent, and their overwhelming contributions to the cause. 

Virtual: Job Search Help -- Job Search Strategies 201

Monday, March 25 @ 2pm

Tired of applying to online jobs and getting no response? Most job seekers feel frustrated with the job search process. Take control of your job search by deploying a proactive strategy. Learn what to do beyond simply applying online. Discover how to create some avenues of opportunity for yourself.

Paper Craft Makerspace

Monday, March 25 @ 6:30pm

We’ll supply the materials, you supply the creativity! Come create your own greeting cards, junk journals, art journals, altered books, etc. using the library’s extensive collection of stamps, inks, papers, punches, dies, embellishments, and embossing materials

Virtual - LGBTQ+ Book Club

Monday, March 25, 2024

Read “README.txt” by Chelsea Manning (she/they)

Virtual: Q&A with Jennifer McCord: Romance in Publishing; Thoughts on Where It’s Been

Monday, March 25 @ 7pm

How is it possible that the romance genre continues to be judged so harshly even though it is a multi-billion dollar industry, often supporting bookstores so they can also sell other genres? Join editor and publisher, Jennifer McCord, in this discussion of her 30 years in the industry - the trends she’s seen, the writers she’s supported, and her thoughts on Romancelandia.

Virtual: Armchair Tour of the Phillips House with Historic New England

Tuesday, March 26 @ 12:30pm

Learn about the world of the Phillips family and their staff during the early decades of the twentieth century and the history of the house on Chestnut Street.

Virtual - Author Dennis Yi Tenen Discusses “Literary Theory for Robots: How Computers Learned to Write”

Tuesday, March 26 @ 7pm

In this provocative reflection on the shared pasts of literature and computer science, former Microsoft engineer and professor of comparative literature Dennis Yi Tenen provides crucial context for recent developments in AI, which holds important lessons for the future of humans living with smart technology.

Virtual: Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body -- Tips from the Latest Research

Wednesday, March 27 @ 10:30am

Receive research-based recommendations about taking care of our brains and our bodies in order to age as well as possible. Understand the reasons for taking care of yourself as you age. Learn strategies to age well in the following areas: cognitive activity; physical health and exercise; diet and nutrition; and social engagement.

Virtual: The Wonderful World of Bats with the Mass Audubon

Thursday, March 28 @ 10:30am

Learn more about echolocation, bat communication, and the social structures of bat colonies. Discover the life history and biology of bats, what’s truth and what’s myth, and the conservation challenges that threaten their population today.

Virtual: Aim High -- A History of Militarized Space

Friday, March 29 @ 10:30am

Solar System Ambassador David S. Ball, a volunteer educator with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, traces the history of our military forays into orbit. Ball served 26 years in the US Air Force, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Adult Weekly:

Knit and Crochet Club

Mondays @ 6pm


ESL Conversation Group

Mondays @ 6:30pm 


Gentle Yoga

Tuesdays at 6pm

Registration Required


Bluey Day!

Saturday, March 16, 2024

If you like adorable Australian heelers, then this party is for you! 

Stop by the library to create a Bluey art project, find hidden characters in a scavenger hunt, and more. 

At 10:30 AM, we’ll enjoy a Bluey story followed by games including Keepy Uppy and Dance Mode. 

Family Movie: Wonka 

(rated PG) *for families

Friday, March 15 @ 2pm

Come watch Wonka (rated PG). Chocolate candies will be provided. Please bring your own drink. Ashland Moms - Little Crafters

Monday, March 25 @ 10:15am

The Mom’s Club of Ashland and the Friends of the Ashland Public Library are offering a story & craft program for infants thru age 5. 

Sending Sunshine: Community Letter Writing *For All Ages

Wednesday, March 13 @ 5pm

Do you love letter writing or want to spend some family time doing this time honored tradition in service of senior citizens? Join us!

Stem Thursdays:

Lego Club 

*Ages 5-9

Thursday, March 7 @ 4pm

Thursday, March 14 @ 4pm

Thursday, March 21 @ 4pm

Thursday, March 28 @ 4pm

Each child will be given a box filled with an assortment of Lego blocks to build a creation using only what’s inside the box within the 45 minute time limit.  

Saturday Story Time 

*For Ages 3 and up

Saturday, March 2 @ 10:30am

Saturday, March 9 @ 10:30am

Saturday, March 23 @ 10:30am

Saturday, March 2 @ 10:30am

Come listen to Ryan read some of his favorite stories aloud! Read to a Dog with Knives and Machete 

(yes, those really are the dogs’ names!)

*For kids who are reading on their own

Saturday, March 9 @ 1:30pm

Saturday, March 23 @ 1:30pm

Children with some reading ability will have the chance to read to one of our registered therapy dogs for 10 minutes.

Weekly Storytimes:

PJ Story Time with Ryan (and his stuffed animals!) 

*For Ages 3 and up

Tuesdays @ 5:30 pm

Storytime Sprouts 

* For ages 0-3 with a caregiver

Wednesdays @ 10:30am

Join us for a fun and interactive story time filled with singing, reading, bounces, fingerplays, puppets, instruments, and more! This engaging program is designed to introduce young children to the joys of literature and music while promoting early literacy skills. Alphabits 

*For kids ages 4 & 5

Thursdays @ 10:30am

Alphabits is a story time program where each week kids focus on a different letter of the alphabet. Stories, songs, rhymes and a fun art project complement this early literacy-focused 45-minute session.

Clocktown Rockers! 

*For ages 2-5 with a caregiver

Fridays at 10:30-11am

Join Miss Katrina for this new music and movement program! We’ll dance to favorite kids’ tunes, have fun with instruments and other props, and read a story, all while building your child’s early literacy and executive function skills. 

Weekly Crafting:

Friday Afternoon Story And Craft

*For Ages 4-7

Fridays @ 4:15pm Crafty Saturdays

Drop in Crafting

Saturdays @ 10-3pm

Weekly Project ABC:

Project ABC Play, Learn, and Grow Group *Ages 0 to 5

Tuesdays at 11am

A structured program to help prepare children for socialization and a school experience.

Registration *IS* required for each session of  this program

Project ABC Tinker Playgroup 

*for Ages 3 to 6

Thursdays @ 4pm

Register for a 6-week long session run by the MetroWest YMCA and Project ABC with Boston Children’s Museum. Each week each family will receive one tinker kit to play with and take home. Space is limited to 10 families for the entire session. Please only register if you can make it to all 6 weeks.

Registration *IS* required for this program; you can register at this Google Form.


Teen Oscars Night feat. Barbie

Saturday, March 9 @ 1-3:30PM 

Walk our red carpet in your fanciest clothes or Barbie best, because it’s time for the Oscars! Celebrate the award season by watching the Barbie movie (PG-13), taking advantage of our popcorn bar,  and posing for pictures like a VIP. Everyone dressed for the red carpet or for Barbie will be entered into a prize raffle!

Teen Trivia Night

Wednesday, March 27 @ 5-6PM 

Come test your knowledge against your friends in-person and online at our Teen Trivia Night! Each month we will have new trivia topics and new winners. Play each month for a chance to win our point totals prize!

Friends of the Ashland Public Library Donation Day & Big Book Sale!

Friday, March 1 @ 6-8pm - Member preview, join at the door!

Saturday, March 2 @ 10-4pm

If you are a Friends member, or want to become one, join us for this members only preview of the book sale! Get first dibs on some wonderful books, movies, and audiobooks. We have thousands of gently used books if you’re looking for something special for the adults, teens, and kids in your life.

Donations will be accepted on Saturday, March 2 from 10 am to 4 pm. To keep the shelves stocked with fresh selections, the Friends accept donations in the library parking lot of gently used books, audio books and DVDs.   Friends volunteers will be available to assist donors during this time. There is also a cart in the mezzanine lobby for donations at any time during library hours. 

Customers for all our sales will find thousands of titles on the permanent sales shelves including hard and soft cover fiction (all alphabetized by author for ease of shopping), a wide selection of history and politics titles, health and family living books, plus memoirs, biographies, and loads of additional titles, all arranged by genre. An entire section of the Book Sale Room is arranged for children to browse and select from a huge collection of board books, picture books, easy readers, and chapter books. 

If you can’t make it to the sales, the Friends have a Book Sale Corner on the 1st floor of the library (in the beautiful original part of the building). There, you can find great books for yourself and your family any time the library is open. 

Proceeds from these monthly book sales and all fundraising efforts made by the Friends fund 100% of children, teen, and adult programs, our wonderful Museum Passes, and so much more!