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Ashland Music Students Achieve State Honors and Prepare for Spring Concert Season

Author: Lisa Uglialoro, Publicist, Ashland Music Association

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Part 1: Recognition

Part 2: Spring Season

Part 3: AMA

Graphics: Can we get pictures from the festival performances or auditions? Of Sarah with her instrument? Heidi will send a spring concert series graphic tonight.

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The transformative power of music education takes center stage again this Spring as Ashland Public

School students excel once again. Each year, select Ashland High School band and choral students pursue their passion through participation in state-wide and district music festival auditions. This year, the Ashland Public School Music Department is thrilled to celebrate high honors for several music students.

After countless hours of practice, the following Ashland students were selected through a rigorous audition process to represent the Ashland community at the following Massachusetts state-wide and central district festivals.

All State Music Festival

Culminates in a concert at Symphony Hall in Boston on March 23rd.

Sarah Miksis

Central District Senior Music Festival

Culminated in a concert at Mechanics Hall in Worcester on January 13th.

Ariel Achildiev

Antonio Fitanides

Gabby Ilin

Nathaniel Kinsman

Daniel Lee

Andrew Martin

Hunter Meigs

Sarah Miksis

Neha Ruthramoorthy

Emily Umholtz

Central District Junior Music Festival

Culminates in a concert at

Blackstone-Millville High School on April 27th.

Lucille Stillitano, AMS

Aiden Jacob, AHS

Gianluca Uglialoro, AHS

“This represents a significant achievement on behalf of each student and the music teachers that guide their musical development. We couldn’t be prouder of our school music programs and the teachers that work so tirelessly to help our students strengthen their musical abilities.” Heidi Hanson, President, Ashland Music Association.

The fun doesn’t stop there! The APS Spring concert season kicks off on March 5th and continues through the end of May. All concerts are free and open to the public.

First up, on March 5th, is the Middle School Bands Concert at the AMS Little Theater under the direction of Brian Koning. The theme of this concert is “Dances From Around the World.”

Next, on March 13th, the AHS Concert Bands and AMS Wind Ensemble present their MICCA Preview Concert under the direction of J. Darren Maule (AHS) and Brian Koning (AMS). This concert is an opportunity for ensembles to hone their performance for the upcoming Massachusetts Instrumental & Choral Conductor’s Association (MICCA) Concert Festival on April 5-7th. At the MICCA Festival, ensembles have their performance evaluated by highly qualified musical adjudicators and participate in a workshop where they receive valuable guidance on how to

strengthen their overall performance. The MICCA Preview Concert will take place at the AHS

auditorium at 7:00pm. Learn more about MICCA at

Want to cheer on Ashland bands at MICCA? Guests are welcome and appreciated, but please note

there is an entrance fee that gains access to all MICCA festival performances.

• AMS Wind Ensemble will perform at Hopkinton HS at 10:30 on Saturday, April 6

• AHS Concert Band-White will perform at Hopkinton HS at 2:00 on Saturday, April 6

• AHS Concert Band-Blue will perform at Hopkinton HS at 4:00 on Saturday, April 6.

Ashland Public School music programs are supported by the Ashland Music Association (AMA), a parent volunteer run organization raising funds to support program expenses not covered by the school budget. Over the past 5 years, the AMA has invested over $54,000 in the Ashland Public School music programs.

“This is a labor of love for us. Music education has proven time and again to be a transformative force in the lives of our students. It prepares them for the future of work by fostering creativity, discipline, teamwork, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts. These benefits extend far beyond the classroom, enriching the lives of our students as they grow into well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of the world.” Heidi Hanson, President, Ashland Music Association.

Learn more about the AMA at http:///, or contact them at [email protected].