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Take Action on Climate Change with Energize Ashland

The “Energize Ashland” initiative started in the fall when a small group of Ashland residents who are very concerned about climate change met to explore what we could do about it. In early meetings we started to learn from each other how easy it was to make small changes in our daily lives that, over time, make a positive impact. 

Sensing that there were many others in town who shared our concerns and from whom we could learn, we still had the question, “How do we all connect with each other?” With everyone’s busy lives, how could we all easily, efficiently collaborate to share, learn, discuss and celebrate all the small wins which add up to significant positive differences?

We discovered that other towns were addressing these same issues in collaboration with the statewide organization MassEnergize. We wanted to motivate and inspire fellow Ashland residents to take positive climate change actions like those we saw in those towns. 

Starting with a template developed by Mass Energize, we modified it to be Ashland-specific and created The website is a powerful tool that encourages residents (and businesses) to take climate actions in their home and business. For each action, it provides important background information, detailed steps, and testimonials by Ashland neighbors. In addition to a website, we recognized the need for fun, engaging educational programs and special events that inspire action to reduce climate change. Twenty-three other Massachusetts towns have created similar programs.

The official launch of our new website is on April 6. Check it out for yourselves at Sign up, check off climate actions you have already taken, and choose some new actions you would like to take. Join us at Ashland’s Earth Day celebration at The Corner Spot on Saturday, April 20, (rain date April 21) to see a demonstration of how the website works.

If you are interested in volunteering to help this new initiative, please contact us at [email protected]. If you are interested in contributing a small donation, please check out our Donate Page on the website.