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Participate in Greenup Ashland’s 22nd Annual Town-Wide Cleanup

Local citizens are banding together to tackle litter in our beautiful town of Ashland during the annual GreenUp Ashland cleanup day. This event occurs the first Saturday of May annually from 9am to noon.

With this year’s event falling on Saturday, May 4, residents of all ages, businesses, and organizations will join together, with help from the GreenUp Ashland organization, to keep Ashland beautiful by cleaning up trash in their selected areas and streets.

 Signing up is easy and can be done online prior to the event April 22, via the website or in person at Stone Park Pavilion. GreenUp Ashland provides a great t-shirt and the bags you will need, which are then left at the area of cleanup for DPW to pick up. 

“GreenUp cleanup volunteers are dedicated to protecting Ashland spaces because a healthy community starts with healthy, litter-free roads and community areas. These neighborhoods, roads, and gathering places give us so much, and now it is our turn to give back,” said

Karyn Dann-Barboza, founding member of GreenUp Ashland. Committee member Brett Jackson adds, “This popular annual event raises public awareness about benefits of litter removal, and is a great opportunity for civic engagement.” 

In addition to the annual cleanup on the first Saturday in May, GreenUp Ashland supports a growing list of cleanup adopt-a-street participants.  These “Adopters” select an area or street to keep clean year-round. This popular program boasts participants that have been adopting their spaces for almost 10 years! The GreenUp Ashland team provides trash bags for these adopted spaces on demand, and arranges for pickup when the bags are full. Adopting a space allows an organization, business or resident in town  to pick up litter when it’s most convenient for them, and ensures their adopted areas stay litter free.

Be part of this large and rewarding event with over 100 other Ashland residents while thousands of others are taking part in cleanups across the state and the country to remove trash in their communities. Learn more about State cleanup efforts at and Ashland cleanup efforts at

Annual Cleanup Event Details

When: Saturday, May 4 check-in or signup from 9am-noon

Where: Stone Park Pavilion

Ashland’s ONLY annual town-wide clean up event sponsored by the GreenUp Ashland Committee that occurs annually on the first Saturday of May. 

Participation can be done individually, as a family or group (businesses, scouts, sports teams, civic or religious groups etc.) and is a great opportunity to enjoy the community outdoors while contributing to the look and value of your community. 

For more information on the event, adopting a space, volunteering, or to join this amazing committee, email [email protected].

Visit for all the latest information,or follow them on Facebook:, or Instagram: