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40B Information For Ashland Mills Site Redevelopmen

The Town of Ashland recently received notification from MassHousing that it had received a site approval application from a developer looking to redevelop the Ashland Mills site at 10-50 Main Street. 
MassHousing is a quasi-public agency that assists in financing affordable housing projects throughout the state. More consequentially, the notification from MassHousing is the first step in a developer filing a 40b application with the town. 
The Massachusetts Chapter 40b law was passed in the late 1960s and allows developers to build projects that bypass local zoning and bylaws as long as 25% of the residential units are considered “affordable” by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These projects are typically larger and denser than what local zoning allows. 
According to the documents filed with MassHousing, the project preserves the two northernmost granite buildings. The third granite building and the brick building currently on the site would be torn down and replaced with a building that is up to five stories tall. The granite buildings would house a restaurant/brewpub and leasing office. The project would consist of 250 units of housing, with 25% of them “affordable” at the 80% of the area median income.
Residents are encouraged to stay up to date with this project and others coming by visiting the town website at  Information or 40Bb projects will be posted under the planning department page.