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Ashland Artist’s Premier Exhibit

Five-year-old Riyanshi Sanghavi exhibits her work at The Corner Spot. (Photo/supplied)

By Cynthia Whitty

Five-year-old Riyanshi Sanghavi held her first public exhibit at this year’s Dragonfly Festival in September. Her mother, Shilpa Sanghavi, says: “Riyanshi was three years old when she started to paint, and one could see that she has unique choices and patterns. She started loving to paint on canvases with acrylic painting—the largest is 50x50 inches. She paints by her own imagination, chooses her own colors, and yes, she definitely has a story for every canvas she paints. She has a dedicated art studio in our house. We are encouraging her to explore and have fun with her painting. Everyone appreciated and loved her work at the Dragonfly Festival, and a few bought her artwork as well. All proceeds from the festival is donated to the Ashland Food Pantry.” Find Sanghavi’s work on the web,